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Announcements from the NorCRID Board

Thursday, January 08, 2015 9:19 PM | Anonymous

Dear NorCRID Community:

Here are three announcements for you from the NorCRID Board.

The NorCRID Board would like to express our appreciation for Shane Feldman's service as executive director of RID the past two years.  We were dismayed by the recent announcement from RID that his contract would not be renewed.  We have warm memories of his visit to us at a local event, a panel of ASL agencies at the Deaf Community Center in 2013.  We hosted a Meet and Greet for him, and he charmed and impressed us all.  We feel it is important to acknowledge his service, express our gratitude to him and a fond farewell.

Also, NorCRID is delighted and honored to be a co-event partner along with Ohlone College for the local Street Leverage workshop "Street Tour with Trudy Suggs" on March 21 & 22. Registration is available on  Please note that the event will not be held in Fremont as advertised.  It will be at Ohlone College but at the NEWARK Campus, not the Fremont Campus which is currently undergoing a lot of construction.  Please be advised that the location is at the Ohlone Newark Campus, room 2100.

And lastly, please save the date for the 2015 NorCRID Annual Conference which will be held on November 7th this year.  More details to come!

Wishing you all well and hope to see you at the Street Leverage event March 21 & 22 at the Newark campus of Ohlone.


The NorCRID Board

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