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Inclusivity Commitment

NorCRID is committed to full inclusion.

Unless clearly stated, NorCRID space is ASL space.   This is a fully accessible space for Deaf people and an opportunity for hearing people to experience full immersion.

Events sponsored by NorCRID will be wheelchair accessible.  This will include ramps into a venue.   Wheelchair parking near by.   Aisles wide enough for walkers and wheelchairs to move easily.

It is important to show up fragrance free. This means:

  • Avoiding the use of cologne/perfume and other scented products like shampoo and lotions
  • Wearing clothes laundered in fragrance free detergent
  • Avoiding scented dryer sheets

Gender inclusive bathrooms will be requested at events.   We will offer our own signage if none are available.   Pronouns will be respected. 

Visual descriptions and transcripts will be provided for media.

Participants in events will be asked to provide visual descriptions of themselves.

Large text print and Braille can be made available if requested in advance. 

If the above criteria do not meet your needs, please reach out to the organizers so we can provide better accessibility to you.

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